Thursday, 25 February 2010

gewdixs jr on d way

what a great day today
dpt sms dr ject pg td
said that all d gewdixs will be a hot aunty soon..
Erin dh pregnant..
sonok nyer aku...
x terkata..
another generation of our frenship..
congrates my dear

One of my fren,Jie pun nk dpt baby .dia ni kwn aku dr kecik laei...
due date nyer ialah next week
kalo terberanak 1hb Mac,
same la anniversary wedding dia..
best nyer...

sonok nyer tgk kwn2 dh nk dpt anak...

sonok nyer tgk kwn2 dh dpt anak

sonok nyer tgk kwn2 dh kawen


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