Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Couple Codes

Secret code to find out whether your mate is cheating or not

1. Working a Lot of Overtime: this enables them to meet their lover after work.

2. Extreme Use of the Internet: a way for men to meet other women in chat rooms.

3. Hiding the Cell Phone Bill: the #1 way to find out who the lover is.

4. Saying, "It's Your Imagination": this is what is told to you when you're too close to the truth.

5. getting Hang Up Phone Calls: the paramour calling your house to speak with your mate, or the signal used when she's trying to get in touch with him.

6. No Longer Interested in Sex: saving their emotion for their lover.

7. No Longer Wearing Wedding Ring: a sign telling everyone "I am single."

8. New Sexual Techniques: what your spouse learned from their lover.

9. Saying "I Need My Space": when your spouse moves to the next stage of taking his/ her affair more seriously

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