Wednesday, 7 July 2010

what woman want.....

A woman wants to be held tight,
To be told everything will turn out all right,
She wants a man who understands,
That she can't always be strong,
She wants comfort in the night,
To be told she's safe in her lover's arms. .
She wants to be told she's beautiful,
Especially when she doesn't feel it,
She doesn't want to hear frustrated sighs
When she's down,
She wants to hear "I Love You".

A woman wants compassion and love,
She needs to be told every day
That she's loved in every way,
When she's down and you don't know what to do,
Just hold her close to you,
She needs to be touched in every way,
She wants to be romanced,
She wants to be fought for,
To know she's worth the sacrifice that you will go through.
She wants to know you love her deeply, A
nd if you don't show it she'll think you don't.

So if you want a woman's heart, Just keep one thing in mind,
She'll give you everything she's got,
If you do the same,
But if you deceive her,
There's only so far you can go,
Before her love starts to die,
And in the end it will be you whose left to cry.

p/s : To all the men out there, take care of your woman and she'll take care of you. Treat her with respect and love, don't deceive her.............

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