Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cancer Complete Horoscope in 2010

Dear Nurdalila Mahadzir,
below are your Complete Horoscope in 2010 for Zodiac Sign Cancer:
General Forecast: You may have to work hard during this period but will be unable to do so. Continuous hard work will tire you easily hindering your capacity to work. There will be atendency to do bad deeds. You may be engaged in unscruplous activities. Ill health of parents may cause worries. Do not be rash while driving.

Life :
ツ :You will look forward to life with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm
ツ :At the same time you will be bold and courageous but violent in temper
ツ :This period is unfavourable for love and romance.
ツ :Contemplation may cause losses hence it must be avoided.
ツ :Children may suffer from diseases or ill health.
ツ :There might be a possibility of sudden travel.

Career :
ツ :The general indications for career are very good.
ツ :You have a quick, keen mind with educational and literary interests.
ツ :You are not always logical but are very alert and argumentative.
ツ :Your efforts will never be fruitless.

Love :
ツ :Year 2010 should bring an active love life for you, Cancer.
ツ :January to May month, you may even find fun and romance at work.
ツ :A casual relationship may turn more serious,and marrieds make new fri

Romance :
ツ :Romance is just in the air, and singles and committeds both will find
ツ :After the October Month, things calm down and become a little more dom
ツ :Find time to relax and party with friends.

Business :
ツ :You will be successful in the business or political fields.
ツ :You are likely to have good influence and contacts in the right places
ツ :You will also be interested in social and proffesional work.

Education :
ツ :The general indications for education are very good.
ツ :You are mentally very curious and very alert.
ツ :You will experience changes in educational interests.

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